Joel Osteen Scam

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Joel Osteen in 60 Minutes
Joel osteen
The new face of religion
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He writes books, gives sermons and inspirational advice and has been interviewed by some of the best anchors on TV including Barbra Walters and Larry King. And that’s just the beginning. His sermons have an estimated audience of over 7 million viewers in over a 100 nations. He has given a face to evangelical Christianity in America.

 He is Joel Osteen. “America’s Pastor.” However with no background in religion, no degrees in Bible studies and no college degree how credible is this pastor? Let’s investigate the Joel Osteen scandal.


It can be said that Joel Osteen is a modern pastor who has revolutionized the way people pray in America. Head of a television ministry, an enormous church, $43 million a year in tithes and another $36 million in mail order donations, this jovial pastor has made his mark with his positive preaching and “prosperity gospel”. He is often called the “anti pastor” since he has little resemblance to those perceived as religious leaders. Joel is young, energetic, modest, joyful and has a co pastor wife. Every Sunday he is somehow able to draw in the crowds by his flawless performance and positive messages. With the use of high definition TV, a rock orchestra, a multiracial gospel choir and a band of nine lead singers Joel controls, guides and inspires thousands and thousands of Evangelical Christians every Sunday. His Lakewood Church is no ordinary place; in fact it is often described as a mega church.


Joel Osteen is without a doubt America’s leading pastor. He is everyone’s favorite with even top politicians offering their support to this religious revolutionary. Osteen took over from his father as pastor of Lakewood Church after producing the church’s television program for 17 years. With no prior experience in preaching, Joel only preached once before his father’s demise. Hoping to keep the loyalty of the 8000 member church, Joel’s preaching instead inspired thousands eventually leading him to preach to over a 100 nations around the globe. Non judgmental and evasive Joel uses the positive messages of love and peace from religion rather than focusing on sins and punishment. And he hardly ever cites passages from the Bible. He has also been criticized for rarely mentioning Jesus in his books, for not displaying the Holy Cross on stage and for his lack of theological training.


And that’s not all. In December 2005, a flight attendant accused Joel Osteen’s wife, Victoria of assaulting the attendant on flight from Houston to Vali. The attendant went on to declare that she was physically assaulted by Victoria who became enraged when some liquid was spilled on her first class seat. For 3 years the case remained undecided. This was a very trying time for the Osteens. Incriminatory words such as “devil”, “cult” and “racist” were used by the accuser however the Osteen’s prevailed in the end. As a conclusion to this fiasco, the Osteen’s were exonerated in the end.


Although he lacks religious training but what he preaches is universal. According to Osteen “it’s better to encourage than condemn.” The theme of his message is simple. It is to thrive where you are planted. This means that you should find happiness in what you are given rather than chasing pipe dreams all your life. “God's got you in the palm of His hand. You won't leave one second before your time. If God wants you to be here, then you're going to be here.”


In his own words Osteen states that he is not a trained preacher and he doesn’t mind. "Billy Graham, his gift was to go out and win people to Christ. It's different being a pastor. I'm trying to teach people – how do you live the abundant life? That's my gift. Some people are good at taking the scripture line by line and talking about how it was written, but that's not my gift… I believe you've got to repent of your sins; you've got to have a relationship with Christ. So I believe all the fundamental things, I just don't focus on that."


So you be the judge. Is Bill Osteen really the answer to the modern day concept of religion? Some who doesn’t judge or criticize nor condemns but sees the good in life and the good in God and brings others to the light. Or is this a talented actor, now a millionaire, playing with people’s faith and feelings all in the name of God. The Joel Osteen scandal has not reached its conclusion yet. Ultimately time will be the best judge of this creative pastor and the catalyst of a million dollars God machine.

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  • Faith

     (6th of July 2014)

    Its Best To Take Part In A Contest For Among The Finest Blogs On The Web. I Will Suggest This Web Site!

  • Jack B. Cummins

     (22nd of March 2014)

    Joel And Victoria Are Truly Inspirational For Me. And Millions Of Others. Thank God For This Couple And Joel's Preaching. I Watch Every Sunday Morning And I Pray That God Will Continue To Bless Them, Their Ministry, And Lakewood Church. Thank You Joel And Victoria.

  • Eloise

     (10th of February 2014)

    Well, All The So Called Pastor Is Not During What The Bible Say Anyway. If It Don't Line Up With The Word Of God Don't Be Foolish.

  • Elizabeth

     (13th of January 2014)

    Have Seen Joel Recently A Few Times And The Messages Have Been So Pertinent To Me And Are Full Of Hope.Thank The Lord For Someone Who Is Not Afraid To Preach This

  • Valentin

     (5th of May 2013)

    Joel Has Always Said He Has No Training As A Preacher, But I Believe He Moves People In The Direction Of God, And Jesus In Mentioned Constantly In His Preaching. Jealous People Always Try To Destroy Someone Who Tries To Do Well. He's Got Money...good For Him. He's Earned It.

  • Ramon Sanchez

     (23rd of April 2013)

    JOEL IS ALL ABOUT FAITH, ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNOW FAITH AND HOW GOD WORKS UNDERSTAND JOEL. Without Faith Its Impossible To Please GOD. Are You Pleasing To God With Your Actions? Is Your FAITH DEAD? Or Maybe You Don't Have Any? Then STOP FUZZING And Get Some! Faith Comes By Hearing...Hearing What?...

  • Scott Wark

     (2nd of March 2013)

    The Interpretation Of Gods Word Does Need To Be Measured By And College Nor Degree, It Is Felt, Cannot Be. Measured Or Limited. Numbers Don't Lie Aand Joels Impact Is Is A Demonstration Of Truth

  • Paul

     (23rd of February 2013)

    He Is A Scum Sucking Leech On People Starved To Hear The Lord's Word. He Prays On Weak People And Gets Every Dine He Can From Them. His Co Preachers Are Caught Doing Other Members Wives, His Wife Gets Charged W/ Assault. Yea Good Job

  • Todd Puntolillo

     (14th of February 2013)

    This Article Was Accurate. I Fail To See Any Scam. He Teaches What We All Need To Hear Without Being Demeaned. I Think He Has Earned His Place And Deserves His Recognition And Income He Gets (which Is Far Less That Howard Stern.)

  • Larry Ervin

     (30th of January 2013)


  • Macy Evans

     (9th of October 2012)

    I Love Joel. He Is The Greatest

  • Carmen

     (28th of August 2012)

    Joel Osteen's Words Are Not Coded Our Convoluted With Scriptures. They Are Basic And Simple Words Of Encouragement To Enlighten And Motivate The Mind And Heart. Very Few Have This Gift From God.

  • Carmen

     (28th of August 2012)

    Joel Osteen's Words Are Not Coded Our Convoluted With Scriptures. They Are Basic And Simple Words Of Encouragement To Enlighten And Motivate The Mind And Heart. Very Few Have This Gift From God.