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Winter is finally here!! It’s the perfect time to bring out the woolen sweaters, the warm jackets and the oh so cozy blankets. With the arrival of the cold and chilly weather more and more people turn to warm beverages like tea and coffee to keep them warm. Everyone has a favorite cup of coffee. Whether you prefer Cappuccino, Espresso, mocachino or Latte, the allure of tantalizing coffee is hard to resist. Apart from being a fabulous beverage, new research indicates that coffee or more specifically caffeine is actually good for health. Here are some of the reasons to continue drinking your favorite Cappuccino.


Extensive research in Japan indicates that caffeine improves memory. Scientists in Japan have discovered that muscle cells are stimulated by caffeine including the brain cells present in the hippocampus. This improves the cells signal flow which as a result improves memory. However these tests indicate the change after a very high dosage was administered to the testing specimens.


Caffeine can replenish muscle glycogen concentration faster after exercise when mixed with carbohydrates. According to recent studies, athletes who took caffeine and crabs after strenuous exercise had 66% more glycogen in their muscles than those who took only crabs. Glycogen is important for the optimal functional of muscles. Therefore when glycogen levels are increased after exercise, they will enhance performance in the future.


Caffeine stimulates hair growth. New research indicates that the use of caffeine on hair follicle increases hair stimulation. That’s a revelation for many men and women fighting the bane of baldness.


Caffeine is also credited for reducing muscle pain after workout to up to about 48%. Research indicates that after a strenuous workout, instead of taking pain killers, caffeine can be consumed to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.


Research also indicates that consuming caffeine can ward off Alzheimer’s disease. The study indicates coffee as the best source of caffeine and tested the hypothesis on rodents. Those who consumed coffee had better memory results than those who didn’t. Coffee supplies antioxidant which provides protection against memory loss.  Caffeinated soft drinks are not the solution because apart from providing caffeine they are rich in sugars increasing the risk of hypertension and obesity. Go ahead and drink your favorite cup of coffee. It is actually good for you!



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