Flycam Nano Steadicam Takes The Jitters Away For Camera Operator

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Houston, TX - Your trying to capture that perfect moment, that ideal shot at the birthday, wedding or other important function. You want to have that free flow movement that can only be captured by using a hand held camera. With only one chance to get it, you do your best.


When you play back the video, you find it full of amateurish jitters and bumpy shots, making you look far less professional then you should have been.


Cine Ultima,, offers a solution that will give you the first class professional hand held shots you need, jitter free, with the introduction of the, DSLR FLYCAM Nano. A newly designed Flycam Stabilizer for DSLR Cameras, allows for smooth hand held action using smaller cameras such as  Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Lumix and Fuji lines.


A spokesperson for Cine Ultima said, “We have received excellent response from our customers on Flycam Nano, after the positive reviews we have launched this nano for DSLR cameras. The nano stabilizes the smaller DSLR cameras perfectly to be used for handheld shootings. The Flycam Nano is very light weight with quick release and is also fully equipped for balancing smaller camcorders.”


The camcorder is always in balance, it is isolated from your hands creating undesirable motions. The balance is created by a easily changeable weight system.


“It defiantly gives a feel of professional video for the smaller independent video maker.   Just imagine a world that is in balance. Imagine the smoothness, freedom and grace. That the FLYCAM nano can provide.”


Of help to the camera operator is the elimination of a need for a tripod or even a dolly, for that matter when doing video and photography DSLR projects. Many are also finding the quick release of the camera a help in saving time on projects.


You can get complete information on the Proaim DSLR Flycam Nano by visiting Cine Ultima web page,

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