Comparison Between Pakistan And India

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Comparison between pakistan and india

1)pakistan air force

Combat planes JF-17 thunder quantity(50)

Chengdu J-10 coming soon

F-16 fighting falcon quantity(63)

Dassault mirage3 quantity (80)

Dassault mirage5 quantity 85 

chengdu F-7skybolt quantity (192)

MFI mushshak (145)

 shenyang FT5 (30)

shenyang FT-6 (19)

T-37 tweet (40)

airbus A310 (1)

boeing 707 (3)

C-130 hercules (18)

CASA CN-235 (4)

harbin Y-12 (2)

yushin11-78 (4)

saab 2000 (1) 

mil mi-17 (4)

alouette111 (15)

Dassault falcon 20 (3)

saab 2000 erieye (4)

 shaanxi ZDK-03 (2)

2) indian air force

sukhoi su-30mki quantity(146)

dassault mirage (51)

HAL tejas (7) 

mikoyan-gurevich MiG-27 bahadur (122)

sepecat jaguar (138)

mikoyan mig-29 (68)

 HAL HPT-32 deepak (114)

HAL HJT-16 kiran (120)

HAL HJT-16 kiran2 (96)

BAE wawk (55) 

yushin2-78 MKI (6) 

yushin2-76 candid (24) C-17

antonov an-32 cline (112)

C-130J super hercules (6)


total navy ships:11

 merchant marine strenghth:10

major ports& terminals: 2

destroyers: 1

submarines: 5

frigates: 11

patrol craft: 15

mine warfare craft: 4

amphibious assault craft: 1


total navy ships:175

merchant marine strength: 324

major ports& terminals: 7

aircraft carriers:1

destroyers: 8

sumarines: 15


patrol craft: 31

mine warfare craft: 8


total population: 187,342,721

available man power: 93,351,401

fit for service: 75,326,990

of millitary age:  4,342,629

active military: 617,000

active reserve: 515,500

Indian personnal army

 total population: 1,189,172,906

available man power: 615,201,057

fit for service: 489,571,520

of military age: 22,896,9

active military: 1,325,000

active reserve: 1,747,000


total land weapons: 16,461

tanks: 2,640

apcs/ifvs: 4,620

towed artillery: 1,806

spgs: 595

mlrss: 200

mortars: 3,200

 AT weapons: 3,400

AA weapons: 2,500

logistical vehicles: 11,500


type 63 tank

type88 tank

al-khalid tank

al-zarrar tank and others

Land army of india

total land weapons: 75,191

tanks: 5,000


towed artillery: 10,000

spgs: 100

mlrss: 292

mortars: 5,000

AT weapons: 51,799

AA weapons: 15,508

logistical vehicles: 70,000


Battle field range ballistic missiles(brbm) haft-1/1a range 70 kilometers

Abdali-1 range 180 km Nasr (haft-9) range 60 km

Short range ballistic missiles (srbm)

Ghaznavi range 300 km

Medium range ballistic missiles (MRBM)

Ghauri 1 range 1500 km

Shaheen 1 range 750 km

Ghauri 2 range 2000- 2500 km Intermediate range ballistic missiles (irbm)

shaheen2 range 2500- 3500 km 

Ghauri-3 range 3000 – 3500 km

Shaheen-3 range 4000 – 4500 km

Intercontinental ballistic missile (icbm)

Taimur (above 7,000 km) Babur (haft 7) range 1100 km haft- 8 (ra’ad) range 350 km

Indian nuclear power

short range billistic missiles(srbm) agni-1  700 km

Prithvi 150 km prithvi-2  250 km

Prithvi-3  350 km

medium range billistic missiles (mrbm)

agni-2  2000 km brahmos 1  290 km p-270 moskit 120 km…

this is all what india got but india got good army good land weapons man power but they don”t have courage and at the end of comparison because of no good missiles india is way behind pakistan… and india will be forever inshaALLAH


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  • Karan

     (20th of April 2013)

    Most Of Data Is Wrong......pak Is Way Behind Indian Forces....whether It Air Force,navy Or Army.....pak Would Seriously Commit A Big Suicide If It Ever Thought Of Attacking India

  • Ehraz Akhtar

     (15th of March 2013)

    You Are Totally Rite Ajay. Agni-5 Is Capable Of Attacking Any Part Of Pakistan Long Live India

  • Ajay Meena

     (16th of February 2013)

    Most Of The Data Is Wrong. Haven't You Heard Of AGNI-5...?? It's Range Is More Than 5000kms. Now, India Is Preparing Agni-5G. If Pakistan Army Is Brave And Powerful, Then Why Have Faced Defeat Against India In All The Four Wars, Which Have Been Fought Till Now Between Both The Countries.

  • Jehanzeb

     (3rd of February 2013)

    Yes But Pakistan Have Less Army Power But Have Courage To Defeat India And Inshallah Pakistan Will Forever But Not India

  • Shaan

     (17th of January 2013)

    LOL.. Funny Artical With Funny Comments.. :P :P (Please Correct Your Statistics)

  • Khurram

     (14th of January 2013)

    Sohaib Hassan, Great Work, I Think You Have Clear The Image Keep On My Friend

  • Khurram

     (14th of January 2013)

    Sohaib Hassan, Great Work, I Think You Have Clear The Image Keep On My Friend

  • Khurram

     (14th of January 2013)

    Sohaib Hassan, Great Work, I Think You Have Clear The Image Keep On My Friend