Full Houses Jodi Sweetin Turns 30

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Full House - Stephanie makes a new friend
Jodi sweetin
Stephanie tanner from full house
Tannner family of full house

Few can forget the very lovable and precocious Stephanie Tanner from the family favorite “Full House”. This adorable 5 year old stole the hearts of million with her quick wit and intelligent comeback. Now the actress who played Stephanie for almost 8 year turns 30. It hasn’t always been an easy road for the talented Jodi Sweetin however she is on the road to recovery and making everyday count.


It’s been a whirlwind ride and Jodi has faced her share of problems growing up on television in front of millions. However she is in a good place now and this mother of two is healthy and back on track. Trouble for Jodi started after she left “Full House” and got married at the age of 20. She became a crystal meth user and openly discussed her horrible downfall and experiments with the drug in her tell all memoirs “Unsweetened”.


She writes openly in her book about her life after the hit family show. "I wanted to prove that I wasn't the girl from 'Full House,' that I could get more trashed than everyone else.”


She kept her habit a secret from her then policeman husband Shaun Holguin and the two soon divorced after a partying stint left Jodi hospitalized. Jodi married Codi Herpin soon after and became a mother for the first time. However this union was also doomed to fail due to Jodi’s reluctance to become drug free. The couple filed for divorce in 2008.


Like other celebrity actresses growing up in the spotlight such as the very notorious Lindsay Lohan. Jodi Sweetin has also suffered from over dosing, partying till dawn, drugs and alcohol and multiple episodes in rehab.


In a 2009 interview Jodi States I've done that.”I've gone through [rehab] a couple times and I've gotten sober and not sober and sober and not sober and... The saddest thing is knowing that there's nothing anybody can do until that person's ready. You can't save anybody. They have to do it themselves... That's exactly the person that I used to be."


Things turned the next year when Jodi met her now fiancé Morty Coyle and became pregnant for a second time. Her 29th birthday brought her some more good news. A diamond engagement ring and a promise for a better future.  The pair is now happy enjoying the engagement and enjoying life as it comes. In a short span of 30 years Jodi has got through her share of turmoil but she has finally matured and has taken control of her life. We wish her continuous success and all the very best! 

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